Global Industrial Printer Market to Witness Heightened Revenue Growth During the Forecast Period

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Global Industrial Printer Market: Overview

Industrial printing typically involves applying ink to surface of a product to add aesthetic or functional value. Industrial printing is done principally for promotional purpose. Industrial printers which are also called as photocopiers can be used for variety of purpose and range of products. Industrial printers are used for printing packaging on different materials. With industrial printers printing is possible on various surfaces like glass, wood, metals, etc. supply chain management uses industrial printers for printing barcodes and it functionally prints on electronic components. Industrial printing on the packaging of products range is important as it creates strong perception of reliability and value for customers. The industrial printing process is highly customisable and involves the preparation of goods for warehousing, transport and sale. Industrial printers are widely used for asset management, cross docking, inventory management, reverse logistic, receiving/shipping, information labelling, order labelling, compliance labelling. Industrial printing application have been produced using a variety of printing technology like flexographic, screen printing, offset and gravure printing, in wide range of applications such as ceramic, flooring, laminates, wood, glass, membrane switches, packaging, printed electronic, etc.

Global Industrial Printer Market: Market Dynamics

Global industrial printer market is driven by factors like mass customization and growing demand of textile printing. The driving force behind growth of industrial printers is the need for mass-produce printed objects like decorated laminated, fabrics for fashion etc. as mass production reduces unit cost. Latest innovation in industrial printing technology has led to customized printing and frequent design changes and cutting down time form designing to production as well as reduction in risk and cost. Large industrial printer presses gain profitability as they buy materials in bulk and serve a large customer base nationwide and makes effective use of the printer. Many industries make use of ink jet technology as it is more efficient and effective than other technologies. Industrial printers market is also majorly driven by the advertising needs of small or large business like advertising firms. Companies in industrial printing market require a substantial capital investment is the only restrain to the global industrial printers market. However the improvement in offset printing and new printing technology will boost the global industrial printers market

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Global Industrial Printer Market: Market Segmentation

The industrial printer market has been classified by surface, application, techniques and end users.

On the basis on surface, global industrial printer market is segmented into:

On the basis on application, global industrial printer market is segmented into:

Ink based printing
Tonner based printing
3D printing
Digital printing
On the basis on techniques, global industrial printer market is segmented into:

Lithographic printing
Screen printing
Flexographic printing
Gravure printing
On the basis on end users, global industrial printer market is segmented into:

Manufacturing industry
Healthcare industry
Transport & logistic industry
Textile industry
Global Industrial Printer Market: Segment Overview

There will be growth in industrial printer market as there is anticipated improvements in printing technology, the industrial printer market growth is driven majorly by manufacturing industry.

Global Industrial Printer Market: Regional Overview

Based on the geographies, the global industrial printers market is fragmented into seven key regions- North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Asia-Pacific except Japan, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. Among the regions mentioned above Asia-Pacific except Japan has the high market share compared to other regions followed by North America and Western Europe. Middle East and Africa is expected to show a sluggish growth rate. Overall the global industrial printers market has positive growth rate owing to the improvement and advancement in printing technology.

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Global Industrial Printer Market: Market Players

Some of the market players identified in the global industrial printers market includes:

ZIH Corp
Konica Minolta
Industrial Printer Services
ScanSource Honeywell
Dai Nippon Printing Co.
Toppan Printing Co. Ltd.,
TC Transcontinental, Inc.
R Donnelley & sons company