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BalaJi MicroTechnologies is the first company in India manufacturing large format F-Mount Machine Vision lenses. The company designs, develops & manufacture large format F Mount lenses. We holds very strong expertise in offering our customer's dedicated one-stop solution for all their optics requirements in building their imaging systems.With strong in-house R&D & design efforts, our lenses are developed with optimal precision techniques & comes with very low distortion & produce high quality images. Our lenses are actively implemented in variety of applications like in FA/Machine Vision, ITS/Surveillance & Medical Imaging Applications & many others etc.
Our Machine Vision Solutions are available for wide variety of applications in this segment like: Blister inspection, track & trace inspection & liquid level verification, code/batch print inspection, tablet inspection etc. in the pharmaceutical industry. With our broad portfolio high speed machine vision cameras & high quality machine vision lenses, we are actively serving automated inspection applications in automotive, bottle inspection, Textile, PCB Inspection, Diamond bruter & diamond laser applications, Pencil inspection, colour analysis, sorting & many others etc. we are one of the leading manufacturer of high quality cameras & lenses which are actively used in Intelligent Transportation Systems, Key applications are: City surveillance, under vehicle surveillance system, Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) including traffic enforcement as well many others etc.

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