Humectants Market Expected to Secure Notable Revenue Share during 2017-2026

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Moisturization is important for products across different verticals like cosmetics and food.  Glycerol is one of the popular humectants that is known to impart moisture in various products. It is used for its property to regulate water and moisture during the manufacturing process of various products like skin care lotions, cigarettes, etc. Humectants basically act as additives used in producing various organic substances. Humectants producing companies are increasingly engaged in discovering new applications and in enhancing the humectant’s properties like flavor. Extensive research & development activities along with scientific research projects are being carried out in this direction. These endeavors generate lucrative opportunities in the global humectants market.

Glycerin-based products demanded

Humectants market can be segmented in the basis of product type into sugar alcohol, alpha hydroxyl-acids and polysaccharides, glycerol and glycol. Market segregation can be done on the basis of application into skin care products, oral care products, hair care products and other cosmetic applications. Sources of humectants are of two major types i.e. synthetic and natural. Major regions in global market are North America, Europe, APEJ, Latin America, japan and MEA.

Adoption of glycerin-based products are on a rise in the personal care products vertical. Their property of absorbing and retaining moisture is of great significance during the manufacture of these products. Demand in the global humectants market is growing on the backdrop of its properties like exfoliation, preservation, solvency and moisturization. Fact.MR report estimates that 640,000 tons of the glycerin was the total sale in the year 2017. Glycerol demand is projected to stay high and is anticipated to grow with 4.1% CAGR in the coming years.

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Synthetic sources preferred for the simplicity of humectant procurement

Skin care products lead the global market in terms of consumption and are expected to consume 40% of the total humectants in the coming years. Humectants demand is also surging in the hair and care products manufacture. 500,000 tons is the assessed humectants volume that is projected to be consumed in products like shampoo by the end of the forecast period. Recent Fact.MR report predicts the global market for humectants to grow at 4.2% CAGR during the forecast period 2017-2026. 2 million tonnes of humectant units are expected to be sold by the end of the forecast period.

Moreover, the majority of the humectants are expected to be derived from synthetic sources by 2026 end. Major stake holders are committed to induce simplified and cost-effective procurement methods and sources for humectants. Natural sources are discouraged for the complexities involved in procuring humectants from it. Humectants procured from synthetic source are projected to drive the global market in the coming future.

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The competitive landscape in the global market is highly intense. Major players are involved in improving properties of different products in terms of trans-epidermal water absorption and dryness. Major stake holders profiled in global market are The Dow Chemical Company, Roquette Frères, VMP Chemiekontor GmbH, Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland Company.